Illuminating the druggable Proteome for better therapies

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Our approach

An amplified approach to biological discovery

Health and disease dynamics come to life at the protein level. Our deep map of protein networks opens a brand-new chapter in biological discovery enabling us to precisely target complex disease drivers and better influence the course of disease.

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The technology

ML meets proteomics to better simulate biology    

Building on the latest advances in proteomics and machine learning, we leverage mass spectrometry derived proteomics data and other protein-oriented large-scale datasets to accurately simulate disease on the molecular level.

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Our platform

A novel drug discovery engine

Protai developed a proteomics-centered, vertically integrated platform tailored for drug discovery. Based on a complete disease- and modality-agnostic pipeline; from data collection through target identification to drug discovery and development. Enabling novel insights on mechanisms of action and disease causality.

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To further shape the future of medicine, we are actively seeking new collaborations with leading pharma and academic labs.

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